• Preparation of accounting records

  • Preparation of monthly balance sheets

  • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual declarations on taxes and fees due

  • Preparation and submission of half-yearly and annual financial statements

  • Archiving documents in physical and electronic format

  • Creation and permanent updating of the database through the registration of individual employment contracts, change of marital status, decisions to suspend and terminate the activity

  • Taking over and entering the monthly timesheets for the salary calculation

  • Calculation of bonuses and additions to the basic salary, such as: overtime, weekly rest bonus, night bonus, increase for hard working conditions, bonuses and cash benefits

  • Calculation of rest and sick leave

  • Calculation of deductions and wage attachments

  • Preparation of payment statements

  • Preparation of payment orders for salary contributions

  • Preparation and transmission of the 112 declaration
  • Consultancy in choosing the form of taxation when setting up the company

  • Advice for taxes and direct taxes: profit tax, income tax of the micro-enterprise, income tax from independent activities

  • Advice for indirect taxes and duties: VAT and excise duties

  • Analysis and review of tax returns

  • Identifying possible fiscal planning possibilities that can be addressed in the future

  • Analysis of balance sheet documents

  • Analysis of financial flows

  • Analysis of financial structures

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Debt and receivables analysis

  • Preparation of the revenue and expenditure budget
  • Investigation of facts and situations of an economic and financial nature for cases and objectives established by judicial or extrajudicial bodies

  • Interpretation of accounting data and providing opinions on the objective analyzed

  • Correlation of the study according to the laws and normative acts that regulate the analyzed field of activity

  • Elaboration of conclusions based on the findings made, which serve as a means of proof for the judicial body


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